Lever Editorial Board issues Peer Review Commitments & Guidelines

The Lever Press Editorial Board releases a document making clear its commitment to strong and consistent peer review.

Open access publishing fights against the perception that there is an inherent link between forms of access (paywall or open access?) and the rigor of review. Not incidentally, publishers with strong interests in maintaining the revenue generated from pay-for-access are anxious to encourage that notion—not least to protect the status quo.

Of course, there’s no logical link between forms of access and forms of review. What’s more, even though peer review is acknowledged as the standard of what distinguishes scholarly publishing, the specific forms of review to which any given published work has been subjected is rarely disclosed by publishers.

The Editorial Board of Lever Press has released a document making clear the commitments of our press to strong and consistent peer review. The document also makes transparent the objects that will be reviewed, the forms of peer review that will be undertaken, and the work now underway to develop a clear signaling system to make plain to readers the nature of the review to which a work has been subjected.

Read the Peer Review Commitments & Guidelines.