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The Lever Press arises out of an initiative of the Oberlin Group to study how the libraries of liberal arts colleges could offer a new and compelling alternative to authors of scholarly works for a way of publishing their work.

The history of our work has been documented in a website begun when the Task Force was launched. You can find there as well copies of the results of a faculty survey we conducted about needs in scholarly publishing, and our first report to the Oberlin Group.

If you’re interested, you can read as well:

After finalizing our choice, the Task Force has met regularly with the Amherst/Michigan team to finalize the documents that set out how the Lever Press will be governed by participating libraries and guided by its editorial board. Note that while the initial agreement is between the publishing team and the Oberlin Group, participation is not limited to Oberlin Group members, and libraries committing to our work stand as equals in the governance of the Press.

We’ve also developed the document that participating libraries will be asked to sign in joining the Lever Press initiative as stakeholders.

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